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We hope to see you out on the field soon!

If you do not possess, or can not get a Blue Card you will not be allowed to umpire. As a prospective member of the Association, we will arrange the card for you at NO cost.

After your first year's umpiring you will be required to enrol in Cricket Australia's Representative Umpiring Accreditation Scheme and pass an assessment on the Laws of Cricket.

This accreditation does not have to be completed before commencing umpiring bescause demonstrating on-field competency as an umpire is a requirement of the course.

The cost of the accreditation course is currently $100, which provides all the materials required to complete the course.

Umpires are needed for a variety of different formats of cricket today, from Test Cricket to Sunday social games. One Day and Twenty20 cricket now feature in most competitions so everything possible is done to ensure you reach the accepted level of competency in all forms of the game.

If you fancy yourself as a Test Umpire or just want to see if you have what it takes to umpire cricket at any level, the first step in the process is to join the ranks of the QCUSA. Please contact the QCUSA Secretary:

Murray White

Hon Secretary

Mobile: 0438 292 549


After successfully completing this course you will be allocated to fixtures with an experienced partner, where you will be assessed and mentored. After completing two games, and if you have received a good report, you will be invited to join the Association.

The Association is a focal point for cricket umpires in Queensland to receive training and mentoring. We meet once a month usually on the third Wednesday of the month at 7pm in the Ian Healy Room, QCHQ, 1 Greg Chappell St, Albion.  After the monthly meeting, there is a training session followed by a BBQ and refreshments.

All visitors are welcome.

Bruce Oxenford - QCUSA Life Member and ICC Elite Panel Umpire

Join the Queensland Cricket Umpires' and Scorers' Association as an Active Cricket Umpire.

Interested in Umpiring?

We supply umpires to all Queensland Cricket controlled matches. The Queensland Premier Cricket CompetitionSub-Districts and GPS competitions as well as many midweek carnivals and championships.
To umpire in these competitions, we require a high level of knowledge and competency. Prospective umpires in the first instance, are required to complete a “Community Officiating course at and then attend a 3 hour Face to Face session workbook (an open book process completed in your own time at home) on the Laws of Cricket and pass an assessment.

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