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The Roger Herring Medal is awarded each season to the best and fairest cricketer playing in Queensland Premier Grade Competition - The Lord's Taverners Competition, as judged by the umpires.

The award is named in honour of the late Roger Herring. Roger was a long time Treasurer of the Lords Taverners (Qld) branch.  Roger also played for Valley DCC as a wicketkeeper between 1963 and 1970 and was the club's auditor for 36 years until 1999.  Roger was awarded life membership of Valleys for his services in 1978. 

Angus Lovell (Sunshine Coast)


Thomas Ham (University of Qld)


Will Sanders (University of Qld) /


Lachlan Bell (Western Suburbs

Aaron Densley (Gold Coast) / 


Jack Sinfield (Redlands)

Thomas Gossett (Wynnum-Manly) 


Roger Herring Medal

QCUSA Honour Board

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